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The Gear to Volunteer Virtual Volunteer Fair series
Today, I hosted the final session of the Gear to Volunteer Virtual Volunteer fair series. I could've never anticipated how amazing these events would have turned out, and I have all of you who interacted and engaged with the project to thank! I would like to extend a huge personal thanks to Mrs. Corrie Jenkins, Mrs. Raven Hollins, Mrs. Wally Davis, Mrs. Linda Isaac, Mrs. Adhi Lee, Mrs. Allison Thummel, Mr. Scott Bauer, Mrs. Gulnar Surveyor, Mrs. Colleen Linge, and Mrs. Christine Houveras, who were amazing leaders, encouragers, and supporters of me throughout this journey! I hope that this event was effective in introducing all of you to unique volunteer-driven organizations and nonprofits around Fort Bend County and Houston that offer volunteering opportunities that align with your career and personal interests, and I hope that you are all "geared to volunteer" as a result!