Why Should I Volunteer?

If this question has ever crossed your mind, take some time to consider these reasons for being an avid volunteer!

Help Your World

Most important to and exciting about being a volunteer is having and taking the chance to better your community and world. Nothing is as satisfying as seeing others conquer their problems and find success in part due to your efforts, especially when you are enjoying every minute of what you are doing. Volunteering is the ultimate way to change yourself and your world for the better.

Develop Your Character

Volunteering is an excellent way to build character. Selflessness, gratefulness, integrity, kindness, and responsibility are just a few qualities volunteers pick up through the work they do.

Discover Yourself

Volunteering is an easy way to learn more about who you are. What you can't always explore in school classes or in summer camps, you can find a chance to try out through engaging in volunteer work. Your volunteer experiences are tools that can help you discover your true interests, strengths, personal likes, goals, and more.

Gain Experience

What often goes underappreciated is the role volunteerism can play in college and career development. Whether you are an aspiring artist who helps out at your local art gallery or an aspiring prosecutor who volunteers at annual debate camps, doing volunteer work in a field that you plan to pursue in college and beyond presents a valuable chance to gain comfort and experience within it.


Perhaps unbeknownst to many students is the fact that there are many companies and charities that offer scholarships to young individuals who actively volunteer in their communities. Here are a few for you to check out: